Kiddie Cocktails (Paperback)

Kiddie Cocktails by Stuart Sandler & Derek Yaniger. Forward by Charles Phoenix. Non-alcoholic cocktail book.

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112 pages
203 mm x 203 mm
Stuart Sandler
Derek Yaniger
Korero Press
UK Release:
28th October 2021
Kiddie Cocktails by Derek Yaniger and Stuart Sandler. Non alcoholic cocktails book. Korero Press.

Calling all junior mixologists! Check out the coolest-ever collection of fabulous drink recipes in every flavour and style under the sun:  sharp and tangy, smooth and sweet, fizzy but never flat, crisp and fruity, rich and creamy – all minus the hooch! Surprise your friends with a Kosmic Kooler, get the party started with a Dream Punch, or cruise to Hawaii with a Little Pink Pearl. You’ll also find tips on setting up your own kiddie cocktail bar – with advice on choosing everything you’ll need to make your cocktails look as amazing as they taste! The entire book is lavishly illustrated by the internationally renowned artist Derek Yaniger. 

About the Author
Stuart Sandler launched the Font Diner font foundry in 1996. Inspired by American popular culture of the 1930s–1960s, he has created more than 1000 original typefaces for the graphic design industry, and solidly established a reputation as the premier retro display typeface designer. In addition to creating new, historical-inspired typefaces, Sandler is also focused on the preservation and revival of photolettered cold type with his acquisition of the Filmotype and Lettering, Inc. typeface libraries.

In 2004, Sandler launched Mister Retro, offering retro graphic design software products to complement his original typefaces. Mister Retro features a wildly popular suite of Photoshop plug-ins, Snappy Hour vector artwork, and original serigraphs from the world-renowned lowbrow artist Derek Yaniger. When he’s not in his studio, Sandler enjoys life in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with his family, and indulging in world-class supper club dining – hunkered over a fancy pickle, radish, and black olive relish tray and sipping on a Shirley Temple.

Foreword by Charles Phoenix
Charles Phoenix is a performer, humorist, chef, and author. In his live shows, videos, media appearances and books, the self-proclaimed “retro daddy” explores America’s classic and kitschy pop cultural past and present, and predicts retro-inspired future trends. Fans enjoy his unique spin on, and genuine reverence for, all things Americana and trust his guide to attractions from coast to coast. Charles has shared his vintage images and culinary creations on TV with Conan and Martha Stewart and is often heard on National Public Radio. Los Angeles Times says, “Call him the King of Retro,” and LA WEEKLY anointed him the “Kodachrome King”.

Derek Yaniger. What’s buzzin’ cousin? Lemme clue ya’ to what Derek’s been up to these most recent dims n’brights. He’s makin’ art like… no-tomorrow-style. This cat’s got a way long history of scratchin’ out art for lots of king-sized bigwigs, like Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network. But nowadays he strictly digs the gigs that let him beat his own bongos. 

He gets a large charge creatin’ art for a whole heap of way-out events, such as the Tiki Oasis, Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, Tales of the Cocktail, and even Spain’s Wild Weekend! But what really flips his switches, like… too much, is makin’ with the Van Gogh routine. Derek’s had his paint splatters hung in galleries all over the world: MondoPop in Italy, Outré in Australia, Vertigo in Mexico, and Castor + Pollux in the UK, to namedrop just a fewsville.

Check out more of Derek's art online at!

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