Drawing from Photos: Problem Solving & Interpretation

Book Cover Image – Drawing from Photos: Problem Solving 
and Interpretation by Patrick J. Jones

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160 pages
217 mm x 273 mm
Patrick J. Jones
Steve Huston
Korero Press
Coming soon
May 2022
Sample spread Drawing from Photos: Problem Solving 
and Interpretation by Patrick J. Jones

In this companion to his bestselling figure drawing books The Anatomy of Style and Figures from Life, Patrick J. Jones explores the art of capturing the beauty and form of human anatomy using photographic reference. The book's 10 step-by-step chapters are designed to echo Patrick's renowned life drawing workshops, with stunning photographs of posed models taking the place of live models. Readers are invited to draw along with Patrick as he guides them through the drawing stages in detail, demonstrating creative solutions to the pitfalls associated with using photo reference – including distortion, proportion, edges, and shadows. Along the way, he also reveals his creative process and 'art laws', and offers invaluable insights into producing drawings of the human figure with style and grace. For sheer depth of writing and information, no artist, art lover, or student should be without his latest volume on their bookshelves.  

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Foreword by Steve Huston
Steve Huston was born in Alaska in the US. He illustrated for clients such as Caesar's Palace, MGM, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios before pivoting to a fine art career, holding exhibitions all over the world. All the while, he's been sought out by Disney, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks Pictures and others to teach his unique figure drawing methods. His new online coaching programme now takes students step by step through combining craft, creativity, and personal growth into one holistic practice.

Patrick J. Jones is an award-winning sci-fi and fantasy artist and teacher. His work is collected and published worldwide, and his client list includes companies such as Disney, Lucasfilm and Roc books. Patrick grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during the worst of the “troubles”. Influenced by artists Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta, he spent long days in the sanctuary of rooftops, drawing and dreaming of becoming a fantasy artist, to the din of street riots below. After two years in the merchant navy he moved to London and spent 15 years as an illustrator before travelling the world once more. Today, Patrick lives and works in Australia. When he's not painting he teaches art at universities in the city of Brisbane, where he now lives with his wife Cathy and their two scruffy dogs.

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