Drawing the Female Figure

Drawing the Female Figure, a guide for Manga, Hentai  and Comic book artists

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176 pages
190 mm x 257 mm
Hikaru Hayashi
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UK Release:
31st March 2022
How to draw manga boobs. Sample pages from the how to book Drawing the Female Figure, a guide for Manga, Hentai  and Comic book artists.

Most figure drawing books tend to avoid anything remotely sensual, let alone risqué or provocative. That’s not this book!

Intended for both experienced and beginner manga, hentai and comic book artists, Drawing the Female Figure will teach you the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating female characters with serious sex appeal.

Learn how to master a shapely figure, add personality, gesture and movement, and accurately portray the special characteristics of the female form. Annotated drawings — from sketches to finished designs — and detailed instructions from a master manga illustrator explain step by step how to draw the body, face, hairstyles, underwear, cleavage, boobs, and much ​more. You’ll also learn how to create a variety of different poses and angles for your characters.

A book full of inspiration to help you develop your skills, build your confidence, and most importantly, get you drawing!

About the Author
Born in Tokyo in 1961, Hikaru Hayashi started his activity as a manga artist after graduating from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tokyo Metropolitan University. After working as an assistant, he made his professional debut with the manga Story of Aja Kong, then went on to found the manga and design agency Go office in 1997. Since then he has created over 250 manuals on drawing manga, many of which have been successful internationally.