Art that Creeps: Gothic Fantasies and the Macabre

Art that Creeps: Gothic Fantasies and the Macabre.
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192 pages
215 mm x 255 mm
Korero Books
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Art that Creeps: Marina Bychkova – dark fantasy art.

A book of gothic inspiration and dark fantasy art. Featuring artists from all corners of the globe working in oil, digital, sculpture, engraving, porcelain, taxidermy and photography. Among the art featured are the digital renderings of Natalie Shau, the hauntingly disturbed photographs of John Santerineross and the monstrous paintings of Chet Zar.

Featured artists: Jason Shawn Alexander, Wayne Martin Belger, Annie Bertram, Marina Bychkova, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Jan Czerwinski, Leslie Ditto, Melissa Foreman, Naoto Hattori, Scott Holloway, Aunia Kahn, Richard Kirk, Ver Mar, Michael Page, Chris Peters, Michael Ryan, John Santerineross, Natalie Shau, David Stoupakis, Daniël Van Nes, Raf Veulemans, Madeline Von Foerster, Chet Zar.