Kustom Kamera: Greased Up Eye Candy

Kustom Kamera: Greased Up Eye Candy. Cover photo by Roy Varga.
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176 pages
216 mm x 254 mm
Korero Books
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Kustom Kamera: Greased Up Eye Candy. Jennifer Murphy and Sabrina Kelly by Shannon Brooke.

A photographic poke in the eye as you peek under the hood of kustom kulture. Let 12 international photographers take you on a road trip through a vintage landscape, where the women wear stockings and speak in seductive, whiskey-stained whispers, and the men, hard and mean, burn rubber through your imagination.

Featured photographers: Laurent Bagnard, Dirk Behlau, Shannon Brooke, Nick Clements, Richard Fahey, Richard Heeps, Chas Ray Krider, April May, David Perry, Roy Varga, Viva Van Story and Adam Wright.