Kustom Graphics II: Hot Rods, Burlesque and Rock’n’Roll

Kustom Graphics II: Hot Rods, Burlesque and Rock’n’Roll. Introduction by Art Chantry.
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256 pages
216 mm x 254 mm
Korero Books
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Kustom Graphics II: Alex Bawidamann. Kustom Kulture artbook.

Fasten your seat belts, all you gearheads and rubberneckers, for another adrenaline-soaked visual trip, as 40 artists treat you to a second dose of eyeball-scorching Kustom Graphics.

Introduction by Art Chantry.

Featured artists: Dr. Alderete, Marco Almera, Andrew Bawidamann, Harry Brack, Dave Burke, Kalynn Campbell, Art Chantry, Nick Cooper, Jason Cruz, John Detrich, Mark Dulmadge, Brian Ewing, Franke, Damian Fulton, “Dirty” Donny Gillies, Max Grundy, Thorsten Hasenkamm, Claudia Hek, Doug Horne, Angelique Houtkamp, Erik Kriek, Robert Kruse, Leviathan, David Lozeau, C. Martin, Aaron Marshall, Mighty Sam, Jeff Norwell, Alex Patrocinio, Dan Picasso, Vince Ruarus, Damien Siciliano, Dale Sizer, Sol Rac, Mike Sosnowski, Squindo, Jeral Tidwell, Jeff Tuckner, Jeffrey Warlich and Simon Watts.