666 Photography: Virgin Queens and High-camp Divas

666 Photography: Virgin Queens and High-Camp Divas by Gayla Partridge. Pinup book.
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666 Photography by Gayla Partridge. Day of the Dead: El dia los muertos. Pinup book.

A gorgeous, amazingly rich volume of the highly original work of Gayla Partridge's 666 Photography studio. Her photographs are a riot of burlesque and visual exuberance that never ceases to enthral. Gayla's images stand out in a market saturated with clichés. A must-have visual feast to be savoured, over and over again.

About the Author
A Texan native, with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, Gayla Partridge’s initial creative focus was working with stained glass. Then, in 2002, she picked up her camera, started shooting and her studio, 666 Photography, was born. Focusing initially on exploring the traditions of pin-up photography, Gayla’s art developed into a high-concept genre, where she creates intensely detailed and complex sets and vignettes for her models, which she then photographs to remarkable effect.