The Lore of The LuWOW

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240 pages
190 mm (w) x 250 mm (h)
Josh & Babz Collins
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UK Release:
Summer 2024
Suffolk & Watt
Sample spread 1 from The Lore of the Luwow: Cocktail Adventures and Tiki Bars a Go-Go

The Lore of The LuWOW is a fun-filled pictorial frolic through the history of the legendary Australian tiki bar The LuWOW and its predecessors, Devilles Pad and the Hula Bula Bar. These bars are known for their outstanding decor, attention to detail and dedication to providing customers with an unforgettable, eyepoppin’ cinematic experience. This book includes cocktail recipes and know-how gathered over twenty plus years in hospitality and entertainment, as well as dodgy anecdotes, bar decor tips only a monkey could follow, and lots of visual mayhem. A must-have for fans of tiki, rock’n’roll, lowbrow art, pin-up and retro trash. A true Cocktail Adventure.

Josh & Babz Collins are known for creating the mid-century hell-themed supper club Devilles Pad in Perth, Australia and the wildest tiki bars of the tiki revival. Their bars have played host to such underground celebrities as El-Vez, The, The Mummies, Jon Spencer and the Queen of rock’n’roll herself, Wanda Jackson.

Foreword by Shag
Josh Agle, widely recognized as Shag (a name that fuses the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his last), is a California-based artist. His vibrant, audacious interpretations of the swinging lifestyles of jet-setters, cocktail lounge enthusiasts, attention-grabbing supervillains, and lively party animals have established him as one of the most celebrated painters in contemporary art.