Skullface: cover illustration by Brian Ewing.  Skull artwork book.
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176 pages
215 mm x 266 mm
Korero Books
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Skullface: Jellyton and Skull Person by Charlie Immer. Skull artwork.

Hold on to your fears and feast your eye-sockets as over 60 of the world's best kustom, tattoo and lowbrow artists get to grips with that most potent of symbols: the Skull.

Featured artists: Angry, Blue, Glenn Arthur, Tom Bagshaw, Andrew Bannecker,Joe Boccia,Dirk Bonsma,Buff Monster, Shawn Barber, Michel Casarramona ,John Cebelllero, Johnny Crap, Craww,Jason D’Aquino,Brian Despain, D*Face,Bob Dob, Dirty Donny, Mike Egan, Ekundayo, Ron English, Marcus Evans, Brian Ewing, Jeremy Fish, Travis Franklin, Fudemae, Alex Garcia, Mike Giant, Jason Goad, Godmachine, Tanner Goldbeck, P.G. Gustafsson, Michael Hacker, Derek Hess, Scott Holloway, Horsebites, Hydro74, Charlie Immer, Eric Jones, Vance Kelly, Budi Satria Kwan, Jason Levesque, Laurie Lipton, Little Friends of Printmaking, Travis Louie, Iain Macarthur, Jeff McMillan, Tara McPherson, Jerry Manning, Drew Millward, Mike Mitchell, Brian Morris, Matt Needle, Mitch O’Connell, Nathan Ota, Rhys Owens, Chris Peters, Ger Peters, Pooch, Laurie J. Proud, Ragnar, Bill Reynolds, Chris Ryniak, Saratoga Sake,  Wolfgang Sangmeister, Jeff Soto, Dan Springer, Squindo, Jeral Tidwell, Chris Wahl, Heather Watts, Derek Yaniger and Kitto Zutto.