Estrus Newsletter


Calling all budget rockers, American trash collectors and primal punk cretins! Coming to a shelf near you in 2023 is Korero Press' Estrus: Shovelin' the Shit Since '87, a coffee table-meets-oral history book chronicling the sensational-yet-scandalous run of the iconic independent record label Estrus Records. Now, Slappy, there is only one way to be up-to-speed on the shit that gets shovelled: SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER! Not only will you get updates about the book and other Korero happenings, but you will be the FIRST to get the details on the Shovelin' the Shit KICKSTARTER campaign that is loaded with all kinds of Estrus-related goodies.

Ok, so you're almost sold on surrendering your email address to the big, evil corporation of Korero Press...what will it take to get you to jump across the line? A promise to never sell your info? Check. How bout a free contest? All you have to do is sign up now for the newsletter, and you will be AUTOMATICALLY entered into a drawing for a SOOPRIZE SHOVELIN' THE SHIT PRIZE PACKAGE!

Details forthcoming, children!